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Educa: Learning stories

We achieved 'very well placed' in our recent Education Review Report, dated 14th June 2013. One of the review findings commented that our centre’s e-portfolios enable parents to respond to their child’s on going learning development and involvement in their children’s learning stories.











How do children access their e-portfolios and comment on their learning?

  • We provide two iPads for the children to access their e-portfolios.

  • Educa Stories for iPads is specially designed for children to read their learning stories on the iPad application.

  • The children can navigate through their learning stories, photos and videos with ease and read them just like a book.

  • Any comments the children made were added to their learning stories. The teacher helped to type in their comments.

  • They were also able to revisit their learning through wall displays and computer presentations of digital photographs.

How do parents access their children's portfolios and comment on their learning?

  • Parents are able to access their children’s story online as well as give feedback immediately upon receiving their children’s story.

  • The ability to write their own ‘parent’s’ learning stories and add photos to their children’s portfolio.

  • Children’s stories can be shared with other family/whānau wherever they are (even overseas via email or web).

  • Stories can be accessed on the iPhone/iPad and shared with their child/children.

  • Parents will receive two stories a month to inform them of their child’s interest, interactions, learning and development.

  • Teachers will reply to parent’s comments in regard to their child’s learning stories.

  • Children can view the stories together with their parents and explain to their parents what they have been learning at Little Star.

  • New parents will receive their child’s first learning story within two weeks prior to their child starting at Little Star.




Educa is a good tool and easy to use to share with family overseas. It makes them feel part of my child's learning journey even though they are not physically here.

Tony and Juanette Geldenhugs



We find Educa is a great asset and makes us feel more involved in his learning. We are always delighted to read new stories along with the photos. It shows that our child is enjoying his learning and his surroundings.

Pranay and Denise Anand