Little Star Montessori House of Children: Achievers of excellence




Enrolment procedure

Parents are welcome to visit our pre-school and observe our class by appointment. This visit will give you the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding about the Montessori approach to Education. We recognise you as the influential educator in your child’s life. We value your input as you are considered an integral part of your child’s total development. Therefore we seek to partner and collaborate with you to help your child reach his or her full potential in all areas of life.




To assist your child in settling into this new phase of life, we encourage you to attend a one or two hour introductory class with your child for the first day. We will allocate a member of staff to specially attend to your child and, along with the other children, help guide your child in settling into our environment.

After the orientation period we expect you to leave your child with us. We find this procedure essential as it is important that your child gets to establish familiarity and trust with the same teacher and to feel secure in the environment before he or she attends the full day.



Offer of acceptance

To ensure that you secure a place at Little Star Montessori, you must sign and complete the enrolment form. Both parents must sign the enrolment document where applicable and then return the form either by email or by post to our Postal Box 79295, Royal Heights, Auckland 0656. It is imperative that you do this promptly as we prioritise returned application forms on a 'first come, first serve basis.'



Hours and days of operation

Little Star Montessori is open throughout the year except during the four weeks between the middle of December and the middle of January. We request those parents who choose to take a break with your child during the school term holidays to fill in the absence form and notify the school of your child’s return date. School hours are 8.45 am to 3.30 pm. All children should be collected by 3.30 pm.

Full days

Little Star Montessori offers a minimum of 2 full days for 2 year olds and a minimum of 3 full days for 3 year olds. As your child grows older it is necessary that you increase your child's attendance as this help prepare your child transition confidently into primary school.

Fees and Enrolment

For inquiries about fees and enrolment procedures, admission, change of days please contact Rachel Loo on (09) 416 9696. Please read terms and conditions in the enrolment declaration with regard to payment of fees.




Great place for children to grow and learn, warm friendly teachers and homely environment.”

Christine Choi and Alec Lowe



Bigger, brighter, nice and modern. Fantastic work! The best kindy in Auckland just got better. It is obvious a lot of thought went into the design, great environment. A+.”

Frank and Judit Kruchio