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Little Star Montessori

Little Star Montessori...

Little Star Montessori fully subscribes to Dr. Montessori's educational belief that the young child have a unique aptitude for learning. They soak in knowledge and experiences like a sponge, and they undertake challenging and intellectual tasks with an absorbent mind.



Our Montessori classroom

Our classroom is organized to facilitate maximum development of your child's potential. The mixed aged group of 2 to 6 years provides a family–like grouping where learning takes place naturally. More experienced children share what they have learned while reinforcing their own learning. Younger children get to observe the older children work with a variety of activities and are exposed to what comes next in the activity. The aim is to encourage active self-directed learning where children are able to repeatedly go back to practice activities that has been shown to them, in order to master their individual skills and also to set new learning goals.

Our children also take an active role in maintaining the classroom by putting materials away in their proper places, ready for the next child to use. It is important that children feel competent to be able to find materials independently in the environment.

Our trained Montessori teachers observe each child's interest and developing skills. They plan and implement an individualized programme that allows each child to actively engage in learning and develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.




The Montessori prepared environment

A prepared Montessori environment is a key element of the children's learning. All the furniture is tailor-made to child-size, materials are within reach and arranged in a logical sequence on low shelves to foster children's independence, self-discipline, self-motivation and self-esteem.

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that children learn by doing and so she prepared activities to engage the children in learning specific skills. Our Montessori classroom consists of a variety of developmentally appropriate materials organized into curriculum areas such as Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Geography, Cultural Studies, Art, Music and Movement.

When you visit our classroom you will observe some "significant" behaviour. You will notice that our children are concentrating, working peacefully and independently at their tasks. You will see that they treat each other with respect, showing consideration, kindness and valuing each other's work and space. It is a place where they learn about responsibilities such as taking care of the environment, looking after themselves as well as the welfare of others, and establish acceptable social relationships.




What makes Little Star Montessori unique?

  • Children’s ability to concentrate and persevere while engaged in purposeful activity.

  • Freedom to choose their own activities based on their interests and working at their own pace. (Research findings confirmed that children learn best when provided with choices and when they are actively involved in decision making in meaningful learning experiences.)

  • The teachers are unobtrusive, observing students engage in self-directed, individual or group activity, facilitating and guiding them only when necessary. (Interrupting children when they are engaged in purposeful activity is a hindrance to their learning as it interferes with their momentum, concentration, interest and inner working thoughts.)

  • Children working co-operatively together, showing kindness, consideration and respect.

  • The environment is orderly, peaceful and aesthetically pleasing, keeping in touch with nature and natural materials.

  • Teachers show respect and reverence for each individual child and vice-versa.

  • Allowing children to develop a meaningful degree of independence, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. (Dr. Montessori's words "Help me do it myself" is empowering.)

  • Children are empowered to excel in their learning and to experience the joy of learning.

  • Each child is accepted and treated as special and unique.




A new school...

In 2010 Little Star Montessori went through a process of consultation with the school's parents and teachers. An architect then designed our new classrooms based on the consultations. The design of our environment is one with intelligent planning that accommodates flexibility and space to reinforce the Montessori pedagogy, promote choices and activities as well as opportunities for all kinds of social, emotional, physical and cognitive learning. It also facilitates the development of warm and reciprocal relationships between children of different ages, abilities, cultures and adults.




Fantastic! We are thrilled with William's development. Thank you, Madeline has settled in quickly and loves coming. New building has a wonderful feel.”

Kirsty Munro



This is my second child at montessori. He is really enjoying it, getting into a routine being more independant doing things for himself and socialising with other children.”

Gillian McKegg