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Our qualified Montessori teachers believe children have the right to explore within a prepared environment, rich with choices and opportunities. We believe children thrive when they know what is expected of them and where they can take responsibility for contributing to, and demonstrating respect for, the learning environment and all those around them. We believe children thrive in a learning environment where the processes are orderly and predictable- allowing them to methodically develop a vast knowledge about the world. We believe in the Montessori philosophy because within this philosophy is the confidence that children are capable beyond their own realisations. There is integrity between what our children are interested in and the learning opportunities available because we want our children to develop a love of learning and to follow their own passions.










Rachel Loo

Rachel Loo holds a Montessori diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training centre in Hyderabad, India. (Dr. Maria Montessori travelled extensively in India where she lectured and established Montessori training centres there). Rachel's achievement includes obtaining first class honours in her Montessori qualification and completing her Diploma of teaching through the University of Auckland (1995). She has also obtained her full teachers registration. Rachel attended her Montessori Training overseas in 1980, and prior to that she was working in a kindergarten. She knew that she wanted to be an early childhood teacher. Friends have commented on her passion for children's education. This passion led her to further her studies overseas and eventually to open her own Montessori Children's House in 1994.

She continues to have this burning desire to provide a beautiful learning environment for the children therefore after 17 successful years of running the school she decided to rebuild her existing pre-school. Her vision to establish a beautiful optimal learning environment equipped with extensive facilities and materials began to materialize and Little Star Montessori then went through a massive make over. She is committed to the Montessori Method of Education and firmly believes that this form of education will empower your children to become independent, successful and capable lifelong learners. She feels very blessed to have loyal pre-school parents who are also very passionate about Montessori and have supported her journey of fulfilling her vision.

Her hobbies include going for walks, reading, scrapbooking, card making, baking and photography.











Kim Harris

Kim has always felt a deep passion to work with children and this led her to join the local play centre when she had her daughter, Chloe. She was able to meet with other families and also be involved with Chloe's education. Her passion for teaching led her to apply to the Playcentre Association to become a Centre Support person. She also had the opportunity to work with special needs children. She was also involved in the Girl Guide Association taking the position as Brownie leader.

In 2005 she felt the desire to further her education and was studying towards her degree in Auckland University of Technology specialising in the Montessori Method of Education. She has chosen this career path because through the Montessori Method of Education she is able to follow the children's interest and extend their learning.

She is keen to provide children with opportunities and choices to assist them to achieve their full potential. She empowers them to become independent, self-motivated, self-disciplined, responsible and respectful. Since she graduated in 2008 she has been working at Little Star Montessori and enjoys her time with the children and parents.

Her hobbies include reading, playing badminton, jogging, organising the junior club nights and extending her teaching knowledge through attending Professional Development.










Magdalene Tan

Magdalene obtained a degree in Bachelor of Arts (1989) and a diploma in Education (1990) from the University of Singapore. She has taught children in Secondary Schools overseas and has also worked in a private education centre.

In New Zealand she has completed a degree in Early Childhood Education specialising in Montessori from the Auckland University of Technology in 2005. Upon graduation she has been working at Little Star Montessori. She has developed a warm and reciprocal relationship with the children, parents and staff. She loves working at Little Star Montessori where she is supported by a team of dedicated teachers. She chose to specialise in Montessori Early Childhood Education as she believes that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore their own gifts and abilities. She believes that the Montessori environment provides that. She fosters an enriching environment that entices the children to develop a love of learning.

Her hobbies include listening to music and singing at church, reading, tramping, walking on the beach and watching movies.









Nathania Loo

Nathania obtained her Bachelor of Education, specializing in Montessori in 2010 from Auckland University of Technology. She is passionate about working with children and believes that the Montessori environment facilitates optimal learning and personal growth for both children and teachers. She joined Little Star Montessori with the goal of providing learning opportunities that will guide children to become self-directed and life-long learners. She believes in empowering children to develop and progress socially, intellectually and physically in their learning journey to reach their highest potential. She believes that children learn best by interacting with the world around them and by acquiring skills that will assist them in becoming independent, confident and self-reliant individuals.

Her hobbies include watching movies, going to the beach, music, snowboarding and travelling.




Love the new look, great school, great teachers = great kids.”

Davina Harding



Great teachers, new look, fresh school for the kids to learn.”

Johnny Ling