Little Star Montessori House of Children: Achievers of excellence

Our vision









Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment aim to support each child's unique development of becoming a capable, confident, respectful, responsible and creative learner.


How we achieve our vision...

  • A well-established and prepared environment that provides opportunities for each child to develop self-discipline, self-motivation, independence, concentration and responsibility.

  • Purposeful and meaningful activities adhering to the Montessori Method of Education and the Te Whariki curriculum.

  • Opportunities for children to experience different aspects of learning which develop self-care skills, grace and courtesy, high literacy and numeracy skills, music and movement and acquisition of general knowledge, physical and social skills.

  • Opportunities to foster creativity through various means and media.

Our Philosophy...

Little Star Montessori's philosophy is embodied in the phrase “Follow the child.” The child’s individuality and individual interests are acknowledged within the programme. Little Star Montessori aims to develop a child's full potential within a prepared environment, rich with choices and opportunities.




Kaiya loves it here, so much that she does not want to come home! It is a great place for kids to learn and have fun while learning. Thank you!”

Silvie Weibel



What can I say? Loving how Tyler has developed over the past two years. Thanks to all the cool teachers. The new building is fabulous!”

Vanessa Brown